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Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of May 23, 2017 through May 29, 2017



Date Posted: 5/27/17
Requested By: Dave and Sue Nicosia
For: Maddi-Lynn
Breed: Boston Terrier
Home Town: Dunkirk, New York
Born: May 28, 1998
Passed On: December 16, 2010
Special Tribute: Sweet Maddi-Lynn our hearts are filled with mixed emotions, as we commemorate your birthday on Sunday, May 28th. We are sad because we miss you so much, but we are so happy and thankful that we shared your love for over 12 years. Love you eternally, Mom and Pop.
Email: Dave and Sue Nicosia

Date Posted: 5/23/17
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Max
Breed: Lovable Lug
Home Town: Taylors, SC
Born: 1998
Passed On: June 13, 2007
Special Tribute: I love you Max. I still struggle to believe that you are no longer sitting here purring by my side. I love you and miss you. You will forever be my special boy. I am so sorry I could not keep you here longer. May the heat from this candle signify the warmth of the love we share forever. (((MAX)))
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 5/25/17
Requested By: Betty and Family
For: Meimei
Breed: British Shorthair
Home Town: Hong Kong
Born: 1 November 2005
Passed On: 24 May 2017
Special Tribute: My beloved Meimei, I hope you have a pleasant journey with us. You know how deep we love you. I hope you are in a better place where there's no pain, suffering or sadness. Promise me you have to stay happy and we will meet each other's again. I love you forever my dear!
Email: Betty and Family

Date Posted: 5/24/17
Requested By: Lorna ,McKinnell, Graham & Michael
For: Mia Severson
Breed: Lab hound mix
Home Town: Green Bay
Born: 12/06/2004
Passed On: 3/23/17
Special Tribute: Our hearts ache for you little girl.
Email: Lorna ,McKinnell, Graham & Michael

Date Posted: 5/26/17
Requested By: Cheryl
For: Minnie
Breed: Tiger
Home Town: New hartford, ct
Born: 10/15/03
Passed On: 2/3/15
Special Tribute: Min, mommy misses your sweet face, and your gentle taps on my face to wake me up. Run and play with Missy and now your sister Shadey. Wish I could hold you right now. Mommy's love forever
Email: Cheryl

Date Posted: 5/25/17
Requested By: Raven
For: Miranda
Breed: Beautiful black cat
Home Town: Athens, ga
Born: 2001
Passed On: 4/22/2017
Special Tribute: I still miss you my girl. I kept your light on so you can still find your room. I am always right here for you. My heart is half gone but it will be whole again when we meet at the bridge. Then we can cross together
Email: Raven

Date Posted: 5/23/17
Requested By: Laura & Ed
For: Mommy & Tommy (Mommy's son)
Breed: Both calico/gray & white
Home Town: NJ
Born: Mommy 6 years old & Tommy 3 years old
Passed On: Mommy 6/10/15 & Tommy 1/16/15
Special Tribute: Mommy & Tommy, thank u for sharing your lives with us & showing us that feral cats can be socialized with love, patience & kindness. We are thankful for the time we did have with u both & wish u could have stayed with us longer, but God needed 2 angels....we will all be reunited 1 day forever XOXO
Email: Laura & Ed

Date Posted: 5/23/17
Requested By: Laura & Ed
For: Mom & Socks
Breed: Mom/Calico & Socks/gray, white & tan (daughter)
Home Town: NJ
Born: Mom ? stray we took in & Socks 7/19/04
Passed On: Mom 2008 & Socks 4/30/16
Special Tribute: Mom & Socks, we miss u both but find comfort knowing that u are healthy & pain free, watching the birds & chasing after the butterflies. Thank u mom, for blessing us with your girls in 2004. Thank u both, for sharing & being a special part of our lives...til we meet again someday <3 XOXOX XOXOX <3
Email: Laura & Ed

Date Posted: 5/23/17
Requested By: Annie
For: Mouse
Breed: White dsh
Home Town: Louisville ky
Born: 10997
Passed On: Feb 20 2016
Special Tribute: Mousie-mine...what a dear, shy and spunky little lady you were. I so miss your sweet little face. Xxmamma
Email: Annie

Date Posted: 5/24/17
Requested By: Brian
For: Muffin
Breed: Chihuahua
Home Town: Lakeville, Mass.
Born: 05/01/99
Passed On: 01/18/14
Special Tribute: Memorial Day Muffin, I love and miss you sooooo much. Fly on sweet Angel.
Email: Brian


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